Saturday, 22 December 2012


A multi-genre mix I did in Ableton Live for Byte Blog, featuring influential tracks from my life. The original blog post is at

Return of last years Christmas Mix 2011

Disco Mix #1

I've been getting into Disco a lot the past couple of years. I'm not feeling the 'Nu-Disco' much at all, but proper oldskool 70s stuff is the dogs bollocks, and lest we forget, the roots of all Dance genres.

This mix is a complete cheat. Virtual DJ, Technics with vinyl controllers (no quantising though!), and editing the mix together from the many attempts to get the transitions smooth enough, although they still aren't perfect. Enjoy!

No download I'm afraid, and no tracklist unless you go to Mixcloud ;)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Real New Rave Vol.2 - Future Jungle? - Mixed by Mulder

Please excuse the repeat of Redlight's 'Feels So Good', I could've sworn I hadn't used it in Volume 1. A couple of the tunes might be slightly off the beaten track, but they blend in well with the Nu-Rave theme.


1 - Sentinals - Hyperglow
2 - Time Travel - Method & Expression
3 - A2C - Warforce
4 - Generic Bass - Rudebwoy Symphony
5 - Redlight - Feels So Good
6 - Strange Rollers - U Got 2
7 - Sike feat. Rachel Wallace - Lost In A Daze
8 - Vinyl Junkie & Mad Cap - Bad Man
9 - Mulder - Code Blue
10 - Muteki - Thief State
11 - Jamie Rotten - Mystify
12 - Disk Error - The Boss Is Back (Kid Chameleon Remix)
13 - Fresh - Ice Cream
14 - Danny Byrd - We Can Have It All
15 - Dekoy - Turbo Grime (Mulder Remix)